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Master Your Everyday Living with JULIA2

People have commented many times on the energy that we bring when we work together and so, with great excitement that we announce our third live online course! We hope you can join us.

Our three-week course teaches emotional and physical intelligence.  It is about identifying what gets in the way of living the life we long to live.  Manifesting dreams, desires and learning new techniques around understanding why we are the way we are. We will guide you on how to focus your energies and mind to enhance your life and wellbeing.

Course Format:

The programme is Monday to Friday 8pm - 9pm GMT. We start on Monday 25th of January and finishing Friday 12th of February 2021. 

Course Content:

Each week we shall explore the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects in relation to the week's topic. 

Week One: Realising and releasing your potential from the physical, mental and emotional aspect

Week Two: Becoming more: Being fully present from a physical, mental and emotional perspective.

Week Three: Self-empowerment: Loving the life you live with clarity and joy.

Each session will be a live meeting to authentically engage with these subjects, we will then hold a Q&A discussion. There will be recordings of each class so you can catch up if you have to miss a session.

Investment: £130  

If you have any questions please do contact us.

Reviews from latest Attendees:

“I 100% recommend working with Julia2 They bring a wealth of experience to their Master Your Everyday Living course which was so insightful and full of wonderful energy. As a result of their wisdom and knowledge I have just experienced the most amazing 3 weeks learning how to live in the present, listen to what my body needs and how to live life fully with purpose, peace and clarity. A real game-changer. It has been a safe space to talk with like-minded people and I have met some wonderful ladies that I will continue to share my spiritual journey with - all thanks to Julia2.”


“I personally want to thank both Julias' for their engaging, inspiring and warming presence throughout this three-week course. The additional ability to re-watch the daily session was a bonus as it allowed for more self-reflection on each topic discussed (more self-journaling and self-insight). The expansion/breathing exercises (tools) we were taught during the Zoom sessions could be replayed to encourage daily practice and mastery. I would recommend this course, and should there be a follow up I most certainly would attend.”


“Julia and Julia were so generous to share their substantial combined knowledge in their Master Your Everyday Living course. They convey such a sense of joy, calm and gentleness in their teaching. I learned a lot, and I felt listened to. I left the course feeling part of a special community. Thank you JC and JM!”


“Julia Melville and Julia Coulson make a very good team. Their combined wisdom makes them extremely powerful in delivering guidance to every day living which is profound and life changing. They have experience in so many different methods of tweaking your life to live fully and healthily. They are thoughtful, tactful, calm and reliable. I recommend them to everyone who would like to make changes to the way they live to benefit themselves and all around them. They are very professional in their approach.”


“The two Julias are the most amazing teachers, whether working individually or as a team. They bring a wealth of experience and a wonderful energy to their classes, and real empathy and compassion. They have helped bring so much more joy, purpose and peace to my own life, and I recommend them to everybody seeking changes towards a more positive and rewarding journey.”